Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 14 of 29 Day Induction Phase

So it was 2 weeks ago today that all this started. The past 2 weeks have felt like we were in a vacuum. Life goes on around us, and ours has dramatically changed and even thought it feels like a whirlwind, it's also like moving in slow motion.

I took BJ back to see the Endocrinologist this afternoon. Dr. Parker is awesome. I brought my notebook where I've written down every blood sugar check and shot I've given BJ since we've been home from the hospital. He noticed that the sugar levels seem to be coming down. He increased the long-lasting insulin and told me to watch his carb intake but to keep doing what we've been doing with the sliding scale insulin shots. Hopefully the long lasting nightly shot will keep his sugar level lower during the day and maybe he won't have to get as much insulin throughout the day.

Later this afternoon, he wasn't feeling well. He is really worried about tomorrow's chemo treatment. He's so sick of feeling nauseated. The zofran works to keep him from throwing up, but doesn't take the nausea away. He's just really not looking forward to feeling crappy for the next 2 days. 

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