Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 6 of 29

Morning BJ update: he has had a rough evening and night. The 
endocrinologist decided his blood sugar needed treatment, so BJ's BGL 
has been checked every 3 hours during the night and he's had to have 
insulin shots each time because it's still too high. BJ absolutely hates 
finger pricks and shots, so he's pretty mad about all this. He got 2 
units of blood last evening and we're hoping that will boost his 
numbers. He got very nauseated after the chemo but didn't have an 
allergic reaction to it so we're happy about that. We are still hoping 
to go home today, but do not know yet. Thank you for all your prayers 
for BJ

Found out that we can go home after dinner. The endocrinologist wants to check his sugar before dinner, and give him a shot of Lantus. It's a long-lasting insulin. The diabetes educator came in to talk to me about what to do, and the nurse let me check his blood sugar, and I gave him a shot of Humalog. Humalog is a fast-acting insulin, and I will be giving it to him on a sliding scale. Anything over 150, and he'll get a shot. 

We were able to leave the hospital and go home this evening. It was so exciting to be leaving that we "hooted and hollered" down the road. When we got home, the puppies (Charlie Brown and Lucy) were SOOOO excited to see us, and especially excited to see BJ. It was a sweet reunion.

I was especially happy to be home and have a little while with Carly before she had to go to bed. Carly begged me to lay down with her. She was starved of her mommy time. This has been hard on her too... being away from home, not getting much of my attention, but an awesome friend of mine took excellent care of her. 

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