Sunday, October 28, 2012

10/26/12... Day 1 of Consolidation Phase

BJ's counts were up on Friday, so he was able to begin the next phase of treatment, called "Consolidation". He had a spinal tap with chemo, and more chemo through his port. 

He did well with the anesthesia and the procedure, and after waiting in the recovery room for a couple of hours, he was finally admitted. The hospital was busting at the seams Friday. When we went down for BJ's LP ("lumbar puncture"), we were told there were 8 kids there that day for LPs. The 11th floor was full again, so we had to wait for someone to be discharged, and their room cleaned before we could be taken upstairs. It makes for a very long, exhausting day.

Even though he was given medicine to counteract the nausea, the new chemo drug that caused the overnight stay immediately made BJ nauseated. He's still feeling nauseated today, and very tired. This new phase is going to be more tough than the last one. 

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