Monday, November 5, 2012

11/7/2012 update - Very rough weekend for BJ

It was a very rough weekend for BJ, and especially a rough Sunday night. 

He had a terrible headache all weekend and threw up Sunday night. 

We thought he was getting dehydrated and with the way he was feeling, the clinic advised us to bring him into the hospital. 

BJ was admitted to the floor about 3:30am Monday morning. He developed a fever as well. The headache was his worst complaint. 

He was given an MRI Monday which showed that he has some inflammation in his frontal lobe, consistent with the side effects of the chemo drug that goes into his spinal fluid. The effects were mild, but will be monitored with more MRIs. 

They also did an EEG, which was normal.

Just more monitoring Tuesday, and more talks with the neurologist and the rest of the medical team. 

He was given morphine for his headache, which finally provided some relief.

He was discharged on Wednesday evening and was glad to be home, although he still was very weak and still had a headache. 

This is the worst I have seen him feeling. It's absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

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