Friday, November 9, 2012

11/9/ 15 of consolidation phase

BJ had clinic this morning. 

He got some IV fluids before going over for his spinal tap with chemo. He did better with the anesthesia this time, and I made sure he was ready to get up before trying to leave recovery, although it still felt like they were rushing him out. 

We went back over to the clinic for him to get his other 2 chemo drugs. 

Things started to go bad when he seemed to be having an allergic reaction to the 2nd drug. They stopped it, and gave BJ some meds for the allergy. 

They waited a while before proceeding again with the chemo. 

They started it up again and he began to have a severe allergic reaction. 

The medical staff flocked on him with an epi shot and oxygen. 

He finally started recovering. 

They admitted him to the hospital for monitoring tonight. 

Hopefully he will have an uneventful night and get some rest. 

It's been a horrible week.

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