Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/4/2013...New Year, New Treatment Phase Began

2013 brings in new hopes, dreams, and a new 60-day treatment phase called Interim Maintenance for BJ. 

He made the count requirements Friday, 1/4, so he was taken over to the hospital to get a spinal tap with chemo. After he woke up in recovery, he was admitted into the children's hospital. 

Once he had enough IV fluids to fully hydrate him (which ran over 9 hours), he received two chemo drugs through his IV. 

The high dose Methotrexate infused over 24 hours. BJ tolerated it well, but it did cause him to feel nauseated. 

After the infusion was complete, he was placed back on IV fluids to help flush the chemo out of his system. 

The level of residual Methotrexate in his body was monitored day and night all weekend. 

It was finally at an acceptable level Monday afternoon, and we were able to come home. 

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