Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January update

It's been a while since I've written here. Overall, BJ has been doing pretty well.

BJ is still in the Interim Maintenance phase of treatment. Two weeks ago (1/18/13), he made count requirements (ANC and Platelet levels), and was admitted directly to the hospital for the infusion of chemo drugs, including the high dose methotrexate that infuses over 24 hours. He did well, and was able to be discharged around 11pm Sunday night. 

This past Friday, 2/1/13, BJ had his normal Friday clinic appointment. He made the count requirements again, and was sent down for another spinal with chemo, and then admitted to the hospital for the same set of chemo drugs as 2 weeks prior. Even though he was put on IV fluids right after coming into recovery from the spinal tap, it took hours for his levels to be right before the infusion could start. This kind of delay is normal, but it just pushes discharge that much further away. Everything went fine at the hospital over the weekend, and we were able to come home early Monday morning.

He's feeling very tired, a little nauseated, and is having some headaches, but nothing like he did at the beginning of this phase, when some spinal fluid leaked out, and he had a miserable spinal headache for over a week.

This coming Friday is thankfully just a doctor visit, where they will draw blood from his port to check his counts, and just see how he's doing.

He's an awesome kid, in the greatest sense of the word.

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