Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 17, 2013...Interim Maintenance 2

On Monday, June 17 BJ went in for a chemo infusion (vincristine and methotrexate) and for his 4th set of Erwinia Asparaginase shots. He'll be so glad when all these shots are over! The shots are given at the same time in both thigh muscles. The chemo burns when it goes into his muscle. He had the 5th and 6th set on Wednesday (6/19) and Friday (6/21) this week.

He's getting a break next week to go to Camp CARE. He was actually scheduled for treatment on Friday, but his doctor said it was ok to push it back to Monday (7/1), so he can attend camp. Carly is going with him too. Camp CARE is a camp sponsored by the hospital for pediatric cancer patients in the Charlotte-Metro area and one sibling. There was limited space at the camp, but BJ and Carly were accepted to go. The staff at the clinic keep telling them that camp is so much fun. There will be nurses there all week, and doctors too, which eases my mind a great deal. They are both excited, but Carly is a little nervous about going away. I think it will be a great experience for both of them. 

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