Monday, July 15, 2013

Last Erwinia Shots! - July 15, 2013...Update...Interim Maintenance 2

Last Erwinia Asparaginase shots today!!

In the past 8 months, BJ has endured 60 intramuscular chemotherapy shots...30 in each thigh muscle. We were SO happy after he received his last 2 shots today! He was all smiles when the nurses, staff, and his doctor at the clinic came into the infusion room with a cookie cake, and sang an "End of Erwinia" song they made for him! Even some of the other patients and parents joined in the fun. We got to walk around and share the cookie with everyone, too. After the mandatory 2 hour wait after the shots (they still monitor him for an allergic reaction), we were able to leave the clinic for the day. Back again next week.

BJ is feeling much better today. Friday was a very rough 6-hour treatment day. After his spinal tap, Erwinia shots, and release from the recovery room, we had to go back to the clinic for the other 2 chemo infusions. He was feeling very bad, and even vomited, even though he had nothing to eat or drink the previous 14 hours. He went to sleep on the way home, and to bed when we got back. He didn't eat much all weekend, and barely got up. I was really glad to see the sparkle in his eyes today!

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