Sunday, August 25, 2013

Football, Chemo, Back to School - August 23, 2013....Maintenance update

BJ had clinic on Friday to check his counts and see how the new meds are going. His counts are great right now. We've had just a few issues with the medications, but BJ is doing well, and he's getting stronger every day. His commitment to football hasn't faltered and his improvement is clearly evident.

BJ's team had their first football game Saturday. It was a tournament style game - a backyard brawl with teams in our area. BJ had been fairly nervous about playing, so I just reminded him that if he didn't think he was ready, that everyone would understand and no one expects more from him than he does. We are all just amazed at what he's been able to accomplish in just a few weeks. On Saturday morning, BJ was feeling good, and he was actually excited about the day's games and said he couldn't wait to play. 

The first game was at 9:00am, and BJ played most of the entire 30 minute game. BJ also played most of entire 2nd and 3rd games, and he played well, too. I just wish that Carly would have been there to see her brother, because she is so proud of him.

Nobody really knows the extent of what BJ has gone one has lived it everyday like we have, or known the pain first hand. And now after everything, he was there PLAYING his first football game since his diagnosis 11 months ago, and he is staying in, and doing a lot more than I thought he would or could do at this point. And I am just truly in awe of him. He's been committed throughout this whole process, to being back out on the football field this year. He has never lost sight of that goal, and he's working so hard to get his body built back up. 

While I was watching him play, one specific memory came to mind...we were in the hospital for several days and he was lying there in the bed. He reached out his hands for me just a little, because the strength to lift his arms just wasn't there. I went over, leaned down and hugged him and he whispered into my ear..."Mom....I just feel so bad." I looked into his eyes, as tears rolled from the corners, and I just held him. He seemed so small, so frail, and I pleaded once again, that God wouldn't let BJ be taken away from me.

That was just a few months ago. Now look at him. Never once has BJ used cancer as an excuse, or for sympathy, or for special treatment. He doesn't greet people with, "Hi, I'm BJ, and I have leukemia." We have been very quietly going through this journey, and now we really are out on the other side. There's a lot of road still ahead, but just look at him, and you'll see that infectious smile and that twinkle in his eyes, and color in his cheeks. 

Everything is going to be alright.

....Check out the new pictures. We painted the rock at his school after football practice, so all his friends would know that he IS coming back this year! He'll be starting the 7th grade tomorrow.

BJ is BACK!  Spirit Rock at NLMS...painted after football practice. Aug 23, 2013.

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