Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013....Maintenance, Cycle 2, Day 1

BJ had the honor of being asked by the hospital to attend a national event with Sunshine Kids. Sunshine Kids provides a variety of programs, emotional support and positive group activities for kids who are receiving cancer treatments in hospitals across North America.BJ was invited on a trip to New Orleans, Oct 15-19. He, a nurse from the clinic, and 3 other teenage boys from Levine Children's hospital flew down to New Orleans for a Haunted Halloween Getaway. There were 24 kids total, and 6 hospitals represented from across the States. They ate at the best restaurants, shopped in the French Market, toured the St. Louis Cathedral, met actor Ryan Reynolds, went on a swamp tour, saw the Mardi Gras museum, and went to two haunted houses. He said they had a police escort everywhere they went. He had a blast!

We're back at the clinic for BJ's spinal tap and chemo infusion this morning. His counts are good so his medication will stay the same. He's been doing very well, and feeling good. He has settled in and is doing well in school, too. His football season ended last Saturday, and he wasn't happy about that, but basketball will start soon, so he's really looking forward to playing again. He did great with football, playing both offense and defense, staying in the entirety of the last 5 games. His football team had 12 boys, so there wasn't much room for resting during the game. One game was the day after BJ had a spinal tap and chemo infusion. He played the entire game that night, too. This boy is fierce.

The in-clinic treatment schedule is basically once a month now. Today starts off the 2nd Maintenance cycle. A cycle is 3 months, and begins with a lumbar puncture with intrathecal methotrexate, and a chemo infusion. Next month will be the same, with another LP and infusion. The following month will be a clinic appointment for check up and chemo infusion. BJ continues to follow the pill regimen every day and night, too.

We continue to be so very thankful for his improvement and good health, especially when there are so many other children whose fight ends much too soon.

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