Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013…..Maintenance Cycle 2

We are so thankful this Thanksgiving, that BJ is in a much better place now with his health. We continue to be thankful for our friends who stood by us and supported us throughout the past year, and continue to support us.  Without them, we would have never made it through the past year. Special thanks to BJ’s basketball coach, Curt Richards, his wife, and Open Road Cycles for the Poker Run benefit for BJ last weekend. We are truly blessed with incredible friends. 

Last Friday was a very stressful day. BJ had a scheduled chemo treatment and spinal tap with injected chemo on Black Friday.  The nurse had trouble getting blood return after accessing his port. After several medications, and waiting a half hour in between each attempt, they finally got blood return on the final attempt, three and a half hours later. After receiving his Vincristine infusion in the clinic, we headed over to the Children’s hospital for his spinal tap.  Although he still fights it, he did well with the anesthesia this time.  BJ didn’t feel well afterward, so he went to bed as soon as we got back home. Thankfully, he felt better later.

He hasn’t feeling well today, but he usually doesn’t after spinal taps, mostly because he has to start a round of Prednisone. Prednisone, at the dose he takes it, makes him feel bad, his face red and hot constantly, and he has trouble sleeping. This round is for 5 days, so he should begin to feel better later this week.

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