Monday, February 24, 2014

Maintenance Cycle #3....Feb 21, 2014

BJ started his third cycle of Maintenance on Friday, Feb. 21. He has been doing very well lately! He doesn't have complete strength and stamina back, but he certainly works at it. He is playing basketball this season, under the coaching of a great role model, a man who took an interest in BJ well before cancer took a detour of his life path...and BJ is all about basketball. Just like when he was playing football this past season, BJ puts his 100% into pushing himself and has never once complained about his circumstances. He just slips that port protector inside his shirt over the port in his chest, and he's out there on the court, or out on the field being something that so many of us take for granted....being normal and healthy.

BJ is truly an inspiration. He has a force that cancer could not claim. He rarely complains, even when he has every right to do so.  He is getting stronger and the face of cancer seems long gone. Of course, there's the reminder every day with all the pills he has to take, but we remain so grateful, so thankful, and we won't complain. 

God is so good, and we owe it all to Him.

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