Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015

Glad to be able to have good news! BJ has been much better today. His platelet count held steady, and he didn't need a transfusion today. The CT scan he had late this afternoon showed marked improvement in his lungs from the last scan on Sept 5. This was wonderful news, because we've been wondering how that was healing. He'll continue to take the anti-fungal medication. He never eats hospital food. Ever. So when he said he thought he would be able to eat pizza, I was all over that. We had heard that Enzo's pizza was good. It's true. Very good pizza, and BJ ate some, and then ate a little more during the night. Because he actually ate, they decided against giving him the IV nutrition. His lips are looking quite a bit better today too, as he's been putting jojoba oil on them several times a day. Today's white blood cell count was 0.5, which is where they would like it to be right now.

He was discharged this evening and is glad to be out of the hospital. He didn't get much sleep last night. Counting on a good night's sleep tonight!

Thank you all for your steady prayers!

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