Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015

BJ didn't sleep much last night, has felt tired, but pretty decent today. He enjoyed watching the Carolina Panthers remain undefeated in today's game.

He was put on an IV antibiotic last night in case the fever was caused by an infection. The 4am labs showed that he needed another platelet transfusion, so he got a unit today. His temperature went down to normal during the night, but has hovered between 100.0 and 100.4 most of the day. If his temp stays below 100.4 and his blood cultures from last night remain negative, he could be discharged tomorrow. We were both a little disappointed that he didn't experience the 'cytokine release syndrome' that would signify that there is a true battle going on between good and bad. However, Dr. Driscoll said that he could develop another fever anytime in the next 14 days. Whenever that happens, he'll be admitted again.

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