Friday, December 4, 2015

What do you do

What do you do ...

...when your son, with shaky, trembling hands, writes a question on his white board... Is everything ok?

...when he looks deep into your eyes, knowing that you're not telling the truth, so he writes... Are you sure?

...when he reaches out both arms, as steady as he can, wanting your hug, wanting your reassurance...

...when you succumb to his hug, and all you can do is cry into his shoulder, holding what feels like warm skin covering bones.

...when all you can tell him is "all I know is that everything will be ok"

...when your daughter sends you a text that says ... "Mom. I'm sad."

...when you feel everything crumbling around you and you can't stop it...You can scream, you can cry out...GOD!!! ....PLEASE!!! HEAL HIM PLEASE!!!.... PLEASE HEAL HIM!!! and every last ounce of your soul pours from your eyes.

...when all that's left to do is that God knows the plans he has made, and that those plans are good.

...when all you can do is done

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