Saturday, January 30, 2016

Doing Good, Considering - Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016...69 days in the hospital

BJ's doctors say he's doing good, considering what this medication usually does to kids/adults. He has been tolerating the tripled dose, and the negative side effects are still fever and extreme fatigue. His platelet count wasn't getting an increase with the transfusions, so they are just holding off on any platelet transfusion, unless he shows signs of bleeding. His platelet count today was 5k. Physical therapy continues to come work on his feet and legs, but it has caused a lot of petechiae as a result of the very low platelet count.

He had a repeat CT scan today, to check on the fungal infection in his lungs (still on anti-fungal medication since the infection in August), and to keep a check on the fluid in his pleural space. The move to the CT table and back was exhausting. He took a short nap when we got back to his room, but then he was ready to watch another episode of "The Blacklist". (We're addicted to this show now!) He also received a 2-unit blood transfusion this afternoon, which helped his headache.

We're still praying for and thanking God for BJ's complete healing and restoration in Jesus' name!

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