Monday, January 18, 2016

PICC line placement - Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016...60 days in the hospital

BJ's procedures went very well today. There were several delays and some confusion as to what location would be used for the procedures (adult hospital or children's hospital), but we ended up in the adult side of the hospital. BJ finally went down to the Interventional Radiology room about 3pm, and was under anesthesia by 4pm. BJ was praying as he went to sleep. The PICC line was placed and the bone marrow aspiration was done. Because it has to be changed weekly, his port access needle was also replaced while he was under anesthesia. He was in the PACU (recovery) by 5pm, and had his first bites of food in 17 hours shortly after waking up. He ate 6 crackers and drank a root beer. When we got him back up to his room, he ate a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles. Then about 20 minutes later, he ate a buffalo chicken sandwich from the X-Ray Cafe downstairs. It was very hard for him to go so long without eating or drinking.

He received a unit of platelets this morning, and was also on a continuous transfusion of platelets during the PICC line placement.

The PICC line was put in his upper left arm. The line goes through a deep vein in his arm, and ends above his heart. The outside lumens are secured with a stitch on each side, and covered with tape. Everything went very well. There was no excessive bleeding. After the PICC line procedure, our hematology/oncology Nurse Practitioner stepped in to do a bone marrow aspiration from BJ's back right pelvis bone. That went very well too. We will probably have preliminary results on the bone marrow tomorrow.

BJ has been very tired tonight, and it was a very long, stressful day. He leaned on God and pushed through it like the rockstar he is. Thank you for your continued prayers!!

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