Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Call for Prayer: from BJ's 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Jackson

Please continue to pray for BJ and his family, especially his mom, Michelle and  his little sister, Carly. BJ's middle school family will be joining in prayer at 4 tomorrow at the NLMS school rock dedicated to BJ. Whether you can or can not attend, please join us in prayer.
BJ was a student of mine when he was first diagnosed at the beginning of middle school. I home schooled him that year, and was so happy to see him back at school the next year and on the football team! Then, just before entering high school this year, the leukemia was back. I was honored to be asked to become his home bound teacher again. Soon after we began, though, BJ was accepted to become a part of a very promising treatment at Duke. We were so optimistic about this new treatment until after weeks of being there, the doctors decided it wasn't working. He was moved to Levines in Charlotte where he has been for 90 days. It has been an absolute roller coaster of ups and downs of celebrations and heartbreaking disappointments. None can compare, though, to the devastating news in the most recent post by his mom on the Facebook page, "Cure for BJ Round 2". They are coming home today, with news that the leukemia is out of control and that a bone marrow transplant is no longer an option. 

Throughout this recent fierce battle of more than 6 months, BJ, and his mom remain strong in their faith. They have gained comfort and encouragement and strength from many prayers, and have not given up on a miracle of healing. I ask that you all please join in prayer for healing, peace and strength during this most difficult time for this family.

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