Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Final hours of Blinatumomab - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016...87 days in the hospital. Final hours left on blinatumomab treatment

Tomorrow morning around 10am, the bag of blinatumomab will be taken down. BJ has been on this treatment for 28 days. A full cycle of blinatumomab is 35 days...28 on the treatment, and 7 days rest. He is scheduled for a bone marrow aspiration on Monday to check his marrow for leukemia cells. His labs over the last few days have looked stable/better. His bilirubin level has been on a downward trend, which is great. You can tell it by looking at him. His eyes and skin are less yellowed. He has needed platelets and blood over the past few days, which has been normal. He received 2 units of platelets today. He will most likely receive 2 units of blood tomorrow. His white blood cell count remains at 0.1 today.

BJ will have a CT scan of his sinuses and chest tomorrow morning. His galactomannan antigen level is checked twice a week to monitor the aspergillus fungus that was found in his lungs in August while he was neutropenic for an extended time. The past two levels were increased from prior levels, so they want to check his sinuses (a common place for aspergillus to reside) and recheck his lungs. The anti-fungal medication he has been taking was transferred to IV several days ago, so that while he's not feeling well, the therapeutic level of anti-fungal medication would remain constant.

Thank you for joining us in prayer each day at 1pm. We specifically pray in Jesus' name, for BJ's complete healing and restoration. We ask God to penetrate with his healing power, every hiding spot of cancer cells inside BJ from the top of his head to the tip of his toes, and annihilate each one. We ask for a healing spark to ignite muscle strength and appetite. As BJ's white count starts to recover, we pray in Jesus' name that all those cells will be healthy and when his bone marrow is checked next week, leukemia will be less than 0.1%. BJ's faith in God is strong, and he continues to trust God's plan for his life.

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