Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mom...I don't want to leave you

Sunday, February 28, 2016

BJ has been doing pretty well. There are a lot of raw emotions of course, and the tears just come at the slightest thing. He's not ready to 'go'. He doesn't want to leave us. He's not finished fighting. Even with Friday's labs showing a rising white blood cell count, and 91% leukemia blast cells, he wanted to know what else we can do to fight it. His doctor reiterated to BJ and I that there are no more options to get him to a cure. Hearing that again devastated BJ. But I reminded him that we will not get answers from the doctor. The answers will come from God. God is who we look to for our answers, and our guidance. He took a big breath of agreement, and reenergized his bravery. 

BJ, Carly and I sat together Friday evening, and sobbed uncontrollably as BJ told us how he felt. He loves us so much, and just doesn't want to go. He's not ready to give up this fight. We are broken as they come, but we are not going to lay down and quit. We are on a path of natural medicine, with our focus right now to get BJ stronger, help him gain weight and be more mobile.

This morning, BJ had a shower in his own bathroom. It was the first one he's had at home since we left for Duke right before this past Halloween. He sat on a shower chair and just let the water roll over him. What a blessing to have a shower! He took a long nap afterwards.

Tonight, as another blessing, a large gathering of our neighbors met for a candlelight walk for BJ. BJ wanted to go, so we bundled him up in his wheelchair and took a walk to the end of the neighborhood. We were completely overwhelmed with the show of support. We estimated there were about 50 people at the end of the main road, who gathered around us, prayed, sang Amazing Grace, and walked back to our house with lit candles.

BJ's 15th birthday is this Friday, March 4th. The address for cards is: BJ Correll, PO Box 96 Denver, NC 28037

We continue to draw strength from your prayers and support.

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