Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The End of Blinatumomab

Wednesday, February 18, 2016

Blinatumomab has been taken down.

BJ is headed down shortly for a CT scan of his sinuses and chest. Doc will come back to talk after the scans are read. Not really liking the stoic faces this morning.


So the CT scan showed lots of enlarged lymph nodes throughout his neck and arm pits and nodules in his lungs. They don't think it's fungal, but that it could be "the disease".

We had our cries yesterday and with the help of some good friends, we pulled our minds out of that place. The fact is, GOD has the final report. This CT scan wasn't the final report and while it may capture a moment, it doesn't contain the plan for BJ's life. Only God knows that. No matter what is on paper, we will continue to trust God through this. We know He is with each of us every step of the way. We don't understand, and would love for God to give a twitch of his finger and heal BJ immediately.

Doctors decided to go ahead and do a bone marrow aspiration this morning to check BJ's marrow for leukemia.

Thank you prayer warriors for your fervent prayers!

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