Tuesday, April 12, 2016

106.9 The Light - Everything Comes Alive

Just wanted to share something with you... Music speaks to me often, and has throughout my life. Your station is instrumental in keeping my head above it all on a daily basis. God has used other ways as well to send me reminders and messages through the years. This particular time, I needed a sign, a message from God so badly. My 15 year old son BJ passed away on March 6, 2016 after 3.5 years of a fierce battle with leukemia. (Cure For BJ Round 2) BJ and I were so close...fighting a beast like cancer day after day for months...for years, brings you to an even deeper level of relationship that just cannot be expressed. Three days after he died, it was time to go to the funeral home for a private viewing, and I just was having a hard time getting myself ready to go. I went back into my room to attempt it again, and as I went in, the music on the radio changed beat, and it caught my ear. The words made me stop and listen..."And when my days are done, I've got a Hope that I'm sure of"...and then it went into the next lines..."I'll be with You in heavenly places"...repeated over and over. I just cried and cried. I had been begging God for a sign that BJ was ok...just give me a sign God, give me some comfort. I had not heard that song before, so I went to your website to see what it was called. The song was "Everything Comes Alive" by We Are Messengers. Now, every time I hear it, I hear BJ telling me that he'll be with me in Heavenly places. I know I'll see him again, there's no doubt about that. My son had faith that moved mountains, and moved countless others to closer faith in God. He was not only an incredible 15 year old cancer warrior, he was a warrior for Christ.

I donated to your station today, in honor of my son, BJ...forever in my heart, forever 15, forever a warrior, forever with Jesus.

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