Monday, May 9, 2016

BJ, Carly, and Mother's Day 2016

BJ was a good big brother. And like a good big brother, he was the only one who could pick on his little sister. A couple years ago, he went down the street in big brother style, to have a talk with a kid who was being mean to Carly on the school bus. That boy never picked on Carly again. BJ was always easy-going, but also he was always so tall, not many wanted to test him. From his first day of school until his last, he was always one of the tallest kids in his classes. As he got older, he became more and more protective. He didn't like to see bullying or kids being mean to other kids. He stood up for many people over the years. He stood up for his little sister, too, but he loved to pick on her. He would jump out and scare her at any opportunity, pour ice cold water over the shower curtain on her, take pictures of her sleeping with her mouth open in the car, and talk her into participating in various shenanigans (like riding a wagon down the driveway). Whatever he came up with, she followed. He laughed at her 'old soul' personality, and occasionally called her "Gladys" because of it. He secretly adored her, and he was her big brother and very best friend. BJ gave Carly a special gift during those 90 days in the hospital. The gift of time together. He asked her to teach him how to crochet. That's something she loves to do, and he knew that's how he could spend quality time with her. I remember sitting there watching the two of them working together... BJ getting frustrated with the hook and how to hold the yarn, and commenting on how Carly made it look so easy. Carly was so happy and proud that she was teaching her brother something, and he was smiling and happy with knowing he was making her happy. She taught him how to do to a chain and a single crochet stitch, and he started making a scarf. He never got around to finishing it, so Carly did it for him. She gave me the scarf for Mother's day...a gift from her and BJ. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
I hope Mother's day was good for all the moms out there...moms who have their children here, and moms who also carry this unimaginable pain. I was blessed with 15 years of being the best mom I could possibly be to BJ, and I am thankful for every single minute. Cancer didn't take away our love. It's still there, as strong as it ever was. 

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