Sunday, May 22, 2016

One Decision. The Beginning of the End...One Year Ago

One year ago today, BJ had a normal monthly chemo infusion visit to Levine Pediatric Hematology Oncology clinic. On the way there, we talked about how exciting it was to be down to single digit clinic visits until the marked end of treatment (1/4/2016). It had been a long road and we were finally beginning to see the end! When his blood results came back, we were blown away with the news that his leukemia had relapsed, and was now showing up in his blood stream. That meant that his bone marrow was full enough of leukemia cells that they were now spilling out of his marrow into his blood. After the initial shock, the crying, the "no!!", the "why???", BJ accepted his new battle with utmost grace and bravery. Because of his strong faith, he knew God was in control and he took solace in that confidence.
Another Sunday marks another week of this new existence. BJ has been gone for 11 weeks today. 11 weeks ago we watched the traumatic end and heard the last gurgling breaths he took on this earth, and the silence that followed. He fought hard to the very end, until his soul was snatched out of his body and he immediately saw Jesus face to face. I can just hear Jesus tell him "Well done", and see BJ's contagious smile and twinkle in his blue eyes as he delights in the One who loves him the most.
We grieve for BJ, and it is sometimes overwhelming, but it is grief with hope... Knowing that he's just on the other side and we will have that joyful, ecstatic reunion one day.
What matters most in this world is one decision you make...whether or not you choose to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. (1 John 5:12-13) 

I know BJ would say, "I hope you make the right decision."

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