Thursday, June 23, 2016

Camp CARE memories

Yesterday was the celebration of life for the 5 Camp CARE campers whose life was cut short by pediatric cancer. For BJ, Carly played an intro to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on her ukulele, and the camp music leader finished the song. After the celebration was over, we were surrounded by campers who were in tears for the friend they missed. Several of BJ's past camp leaders also came up and hugged us and cried. They shared with me some stories of their time with BJ at camp.

At the end, Carly and I picked out a flower to plant in the memorial garden. As we were putting it into the ground, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" started playing. ❤️ He's always with us.

Link to the You Tube video of Carly and Hot Rod playing...

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