Saturday, June 25, 2016

Words from a friend

"...the truest of warriors has the sweat and blood of the arena where he did his best every day no matter what. There is no failure. Only the will to endure with the character of a Godly man, who, through moral strength, did not give up. So be gallant. Be great. Be gracious. And be grateful." We miss you BJ. You are all these things.

But if BJ could reply to this, I think he would say, "Oh no, not me. My Mom...she's the warrior. Her arena was my hospital. There, her sweat and blood was fear and worry. Sleeping on the floor...sitting in the dark praying...watching me breathe..wringing her hands...never giving up hope. My battle has ended. Hers goes on. She is the gallant one...the great one...the gracious one. And I am always and forever grateful for her." I think this is what BJ would say...with immense love.  - Allison Wiggins

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