Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just breathe

Over the past few weeks we've been working on some difficult tasks...going through everything we had with us from 90 days in the hospital, and the stacks of paperwork that came along with it. We have also been going through BJ's cards again....Christmas cards, birthday cards, and letters of encouragement, notes from 3-year olds up to seniors in adult day care. We are looking at each one again, and soaking in the love you showed BJ and us. I'm going to make a digital scrapbook of them one of these days, so we can pull it out and feel this love and encouragement anytime we need it. All of the support from across the country, and especially our community meant so much and we are forever grateful. I believe every student from North Lincoln Middle and High Schools sent at least one card to BJ. Each one is so very special, but tonight, as I was reading through another stack, one in particular should be shared.

It reads "All that matters is this moment right now. Don't think of the future, think of the holiday season and this card and this love. Happy holidays, live happy in this moment."
(From a North Lincoln High School student)

I needed this reminder tonight, and thought maybe it will resonate with someone else out there too.

And just remember to breathe.

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