Sunday, September 25, 2016

BJ's poem: "Leukemia from my perspective"

Reposting a poem that BJ wrote a year ago at 2am. He never slept very well after his cancer diagnosis and often was awake throughout the night.
This is Leukemia from BJ's perspective.

Leukemia from my perspective.
Written by: BJ@2a.m.
L: Losing your chance to live life the way you should (I missed 6th grade and now the start of high school)
E: Emotionally and physically taxing... missing out on things with your friends, trips, camps, sports... and most, if not all your muscle mass disappears, so you have to start from the bottom.
U: Uncomfortable everywhere you go and through treatment
K: Killing your cancer, but if you're having chemo you're killing every other cell in your body in the process too
E: Exercise if you can, it'll help you feel better and hopefully make a little less of a load when recovering, once you beat cancer
M: (I have two M's) Mom is the only person to stay with you everyday and care for you. Miserable, but having to keep a smile on your face, cause you know people are looking to you and how you handle cancer. So if there's nothing you can do don't worry about it. You don't have any control but how you handle it, so make the best of it. You'll only make it easier on yourself and maybe others too.
I: Immune system. There is no such thing sometimes. Chemo and cancer took that away (no going anywhere, sometimes not even leaving your own room in your house...luckily I was never compromised that bad.
A: A happy ending is what all children with cancer deserve so #morethan4 !!!!!!

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