Monday, January 30, 2017

Passion Directed by Grief

Because of what we fought through with BJ, and now living without him, *this* is where my passion lies. My son's life, his future and the future of so many other children are cut short by what I see as greed, nonchalance and naive complacency. Kids deserve more cancer research funding than they get... 3.8% is NEVER going to be enough to help kids survive. My son died from one of the "most curable types of childhood cancer". BJ cared about that inequality. It angered him when he heard child after child being told that there was nothing else to help them. I care and I don't want anyone else to go through the hell we have been through.... we're trying to make a difference any way we can.

I challenge you to find a way to make a difference. If my son inspired you, I would love to invite you to sign up for the March Forth 15k/5k in Denver, on 3/4/17, the first of it's kind in our area. Saturday, March 4th will also be BJ's 16th birthday, and it would be incredible to see a sea of warriors running/jogging/walking in honor of a humble, unassuming, lovable 15-year-old blue-eyed fighter who just wanted to be a normal kid, play football and basketball, and become a Navy SEAL after college (at Chapel Hill, of course).

Go to to register.


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