Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Stand Firm Warrior Foundation

Through unbearable days and ok days since March 6, 2016, we have tried to focus on bringing some good from the path we've been on. I announced back in the fall that we started a foundation that would help to further pediatric cancer research with a focus on alternative treatments to the standards of chemotherapy and radiation.

The Stand Firm Warrior Foundation, was established exactly 6 months after BJ died. (Link to that post is below.) We continued to work toward the 501(c)3 status that would allow contributions to be tax deductible. I had been told by others who had already gone through this process, that the 501(c)3 takes at least 6 months, and is loads of paperwork. We really wanted it done sooner, because we have a HUGE event coming up (not yet announced...but soon!). It weighed on me heavily, wanting to get it done, but it looked to be a super complex process, and I got completely bogged down in it.

God has had his hand in this from the beginning, this I know. We were put in touch with Starrett Law Firm in Charlotte, and in 9 days from the filing, the IRS gave approval for the 501(c)3 status. 9 DAYS!! We've known about this since the middle of December, but I think today is a great day to give it a big kick it off announcement. We sketched the logo out ourselves, and had some help getting it digital from a former North Lincoln Student and then tweaked by a local graphics shop in Denver. I LOVE it and think it fits perfectly!! We'd love to hear what you think too! Carly and I couldn't be more excited about this, and we're so ready to channel our continued fight through this endeavor.

So....Look for more info on that HUGE event!! It's going to be very special, and our kick-off fundraiser for the foundation!

Link to The Stand Firm Warrior Foundation announcement:

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