Monday, February 20, 2017

A year at home

A year ago today we left our "home away from home" (Levine Children's Hospital), and were transported home. We were blessed with another 15 days together.

We're still fighting, BJ....we will never stop.

 I miss you so much. 

A year ago:
Saturday, February 20, 2016
After 90 consecutive days in the hospital, we will be going home today with the support of Kids Path. That is the kid's version of hospice. I hate that word and what it means to me as a mom of the most amazing son, and to Carly, who adores her big brother....and mostly because BJ just wanted things to be different. He can't remember what it was like to be "normal". Truth is, he has never been normal. He has always been a super amazing kid, and throughout this fight, he has risen above the darkness and shown everyone the light of God through his steadfast faith.
The bone marrow aspiration and biopsy showed that his marrow is full of leukemia cells and his doctor said that he considered BJ's leukemia "incurable". When he said that, my mind went back to September 13, 2012 when BJ was first diagnosed with leukemia and the doctor said "Listen to me.... This is curable, curable, curable!!". Just proves that doctors don't have the final say. God does, and this isn't over yet.
We know that God is still in control and we are still standing in faith for a miracle of healing to take place. But we are disappointed. We are angry. With that anger and disappointment comes an uprising of new fight. Cancer messed with the wrong family. No matter what happens, this evil won't win. It never even had a chance to win.
Y'all just keep praying....stand in the gap for us....keep the faith. We are blessed with your prayers. 

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