Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Even small changes are hard

Over a week ago, I reluctantly requested a page name change...from "Cure For BJ Round 2" to "The Stand Firm Warrior Foundation". Almost immediately, FB denied the request. I appealed as soon as it bounced back, but thought well, I wasn't totally ready for that anyway. It probably sounds silly, but it isn't easy to change things like this after such a great loss, and it's even harder when milestones are approaching.

Then today, the 15th of Feb, the page name was suddenly changed, and we all got the notification. There's just something special about the number 15, and it's recurring appearance. I'd love to get this page out there, and reach 15,000 likes. If you would, please like and share this page with your friends so we can reach more people through The Stand Firm Warrior Foundation.

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