Friday, July 14, 2017

3 white doves

Who EVER sees white doves sitting on the power lines next to the road? On Tuesday, driving home on King Wilkinson, I saw 3 stark white doves...2 sitting together on one line, and the third was on the line directly behind them. I couldn't believe what I saw, and Carly didn't see it, so I turned around to look again. Sure enough, there they were, beautiful white doves. Just to prove to myself that I was not dreaming this, I pulled out the camera on my phone, but just as I lifted it up to the sky, the birds flew off. The two took flight first and the third lifted off right behind them and disappeared in the trees.

I marveled at the sight and told Carly that I had never seen white doves in the wild. We were quiet the rest of the short ride home, but she asked me later what I thought about that. I said, well, I know that I probably grasp at anything that seems to be a sign from God or BJ, something to bring a little peace. But, I told her I took that as a sign... The two doves were like you and me. The third represented BJ. I think it was just a little reminder that he's still with us, even though we can't see him. He follows us wherever we go.

She started nodding her head in agreement, that she was thinking the same thing.

Always grateful for the signs, which lift me up just when I need it, and I think it does the same thing for her.

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